Sometimes when we think of technological advancements, dystopian images reminiscent of Orwell's 1984 are conjured. Everything from nuclear missiles to the increase in intrusive and creepy data collection shows that humans can't always be trusted to act responsibly or morally.

Thankfully, though, there are those devoted to innovations and concepts that help us evolve and live better lives.

In fact, some technologies could help us save the future of our planet.

None more so than the advent of the Smart Home allowing humans to have greater control over their personal energy use and lower their carbon footprint.

The question is, if we all lived in one, could the world be saved from self-inflicted destruction?

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a residence that's equipped with various, connected technological elements that combine to make life more convenient, entertaining or efficient.

5 examples of smart technology:

Amazon Echo: a hands-free speaker system that lets you do everything from playing music to switching on lights through voice command.

Dyson 360 Eye: a compact and automated robot vacuum that cleans your home while you put your feet-up and relax.

Nest Thermostat: allows you to control your heating from your mobile device.

Philips Hue: LED lighting you can control from your mobile device or in conjunction with a voice-command system such as an Amazon Echo.

Nest Cam: a security camera you can control through your mobile device and allows you to monitor activity from anywhere in the world.

A lot of these devices can also be paired and used in conjunction with one another.

These are just a few examples of an ever-growing and evolving Smart Home industry.

What is your carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions you release into the atmosphere, either as an individual or as a larger organisation.

What increases your carbon footprint?

The main man-made sources of carbon emissions are:

Burning of fossil fools
Electricity use

Efficiently managing or reducing the use of these five things will go a long way to securing the future of the planet.

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